Newspaper Columns

Ferris, Joshua “Gay presence in the media helpful, stereotypes harmful.” Pitt News 04 December 2003
Ferris, Joshua “Censoring science with a list of who’s naughty and nice.” Pitt News 20 November 2003
Ferris, Joshua “Pitt denies same-sex partners benefits, contrary to its own policies.” Pitt News 03 November 2003
Ferris, Joshua “Gore-happy movie watchers disturbing.” Pitt News 29 October 2003
Ferris, Joshua “Student leadership: illusion of influence, real stress.” Pitt News 16 October 2003
Ferris, Joshua “Remembering one of the world’s great thinkers, activists.” Pitt News 07 October 2003
Ferris, Joshua “California Recall Good For a Laugh, At Least.” Pitt News 25 September 2003
Ferris, Joshua “An Eventful Summer of Queer Happenings” Pitt News 09 September 2003
Ferris, Joshua “Fear of Legislature keeps discrimination alive at Pitt.” The New People July-August 2002

Book Chapters

Ferris, J. The nomenclature of the community: An activist’s perspective. In M. D. Shankle (Ed.), The handbook of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender public health: A practitioners guide to service. Binghamton, NY: The Haworth Press, Inc. February, 2006

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